It was the Deal Of The Century!

The Gibson Centennial Anniversary Collection

Each month during 1994, one Limited Edition guitar was produced by Gibson. Productions were limited to a 100 each of these exquisite instruments and each guitar received its own jeweled serial number. Numbering was sequential from 1894-1994 in celebration of Gibson's Centennial Anniversary.

Included in this collection were such icon guitars as the famous ES-355, ES-350T, Flying V, 1057 Black Beauty and history-making Les Paul Standard. Valuable in their historical significance alone, these guitars featured jeweled appointments never before availabale on any electric guitar*. These special appointments & features included:

  • 11 pt. Diamond on the Gibson headstock logo.
  • 5 Pt. Diamond detends on the 22K gold plated top hat knobs.
  • Diamond jeweled sterling silver Centennial serial number (1894-1994).
  • Gold plated top hat knobs with 100 Year Anniversary logo.
  • Mother of Pearl inlays including 12th fret, 100th Anniversary banner.
  • 22K gold plated anniversary Orville Gibson coin embedded on the back of the headstock.
  • Centennial headstock cover with the 100th Anniversary logo.
  • Silk ribbon with 100th Anniversary logo.
  • Hand tooled leather case complete with outer covering.
  • Gold embossed certificate of authenticity signed by Gibson's chairman.
  • Personalized framed picture of each individual guitar for the purchaser of the guitar.
  • Certificate of authenticity for each guitar!
*Jeweled appointments valued at over $3,000.00

Gibson offered some unique concepts with this Collection. The top hat knobs are solid silver which are gold-plated prior to the setting of the diamonds. All the diamonds are grated by a certified gemologist prior to being mounted on the guitars. Each of these appointments are designed to enhance history making Gibson instruments. The full collection of Centennial models for sale are listed below.

Gibson 100th Anniversary Diamond Gold Medallion Edition Guitars

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Gibson 100th Anniversary Centennial Diamond Edition ES-350T Sunburst   Gibson 100th Anniversary Centennial Diamond Edition L5-CES EBONY Finish
100th Anniversary ES-350T Sunburst

View the Certificate
  100th Anniversary L5-CES Ebony Finish

View the Certificate
Gibson 100th Anniversary Centennial Diamond Edition Les Paul Custom 57 Black Beauty   Gibson 100th Anniversary Centennial Diamond Edition Les Paul Standard Sunburst
100th Anniversary Les Paul Custom 57 Black Beauty

  100th Anniversary Les Paul Standard Sunburst

100th Anniversary SJ-200 Sunburst Finish

All of the above guitars were purchased new.
They have certificates of authenticity and are in new condition. Shipping and handling + insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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